Evangelist, George Slover

George Slover has been the evangelist for the San Marcos church of Christ since 1989. George has worked to spread the Gospel in San Marcos and the surrounding area holding Bible studies, delivering sermons, and speaking in Gospel meetings. In addition to his work in the community George does weekly evangelism on the local college campus seeking those who are interested in Bible study. George has worked as a mentor to several young men that desired to become evangelists. George has trained these young men in programs lasting a summer or for one to two years.

Since 1992 George has made yearly trips to Jamaica to assist the spread of the Gospel and to encourage the Christians there. George has worked with the churches in Cave (near the city of Savanna-la-mar) and Montego Bay. Each summer David Tant and George hold vacation Bible school, men and womens Bible studies, and personal Bible studies with the help of 20 to 30 other individual Christians that come with them. Because Jamaica is in close proximity to the US there are many denominations on the island, however the people are open to speaking about the Bible and willing to learn. George appreciates any prayers offered for his efforts in Jamaica and for the Christians in Jamaica that are living in a very immoral culture.

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